The Truth About Later Abortion

A woman who is pregnant is the one who should make deeply personal medical decisions at every point during pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different, and politicians’ intrusive, one-size-fits-all laws don’t work.

Barriers Delay Care

It is not always possible for a patient to get an abortion as soon as she has made her decision. Many things can stand in her way.


90 percent of counties in the United States do not have an abortion provider. These counties are home to 38 percent of all women of reproductive age – more than 23 million women. Over 250 clinics have closed in recent years.


36 percent of women who have abortions later in pregnancy reported that they needed time to raise money to have the abortion. And the cost of an abortion later in pregnancy is significantly higher.


43 states have laws or policies that go beyond what is necessary to ensure patients’ safety.

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